Whether you need a new

microphone or someone to

look at your systems – we can help

Our team has many skills so we’re able to offer a wide array of services. Beyond the basic need of providing systems, we have transversed to providing solutions to our customers, from professional audio to video and lights.

We can’t claim all the credit for being able to do all these. In fact, the people who deserve this credit is you. Let us shine by allowing us to improve your location, acoustically and visually.


Installation and design of permanently installed sound reinforcement systems of any size of for businesses, institutions and houses of worship.

End to end audio visual solution

Supply of sound reinforcement system components and peripherals e.g. speaker systems, power amplifiers, microphones, premade cables etc.

Sound system calibration and maintenance

Calibration and maintenance of existing PA systems

Rentals and venue support

Supply and installation of high-end home audio and theatre systems.

Brands distribution

Distribution of professional audio and audio related products in South East Asia in conjunction with its associate companies.


Providing quality training for various groups to equip them for the task of managing sound systems in the various locations that they are assigned to.